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Just a few steps from Casa Bugambilias Mérida

Updated: 3 days ago

Welcome to Casa Bugambilias, a green, relaxing and unique place that will allow you to rest and enjoy all the Mayan Wonders that the Yucatecan paradise offers you.

When you wake up and to start activating your muscles, we recommend you go for a walk to Parque Bugambilias, which is leaving the house to the right 1 block away. You can play soccer or basketball with the balls that we leave at home.

For breakfast some delicious cochinita or suckling pig tacos ...

When leaving the house it is only necessary to go left, at the traffic light turn left and two blocks away there will be a large red stand on the sidewalk with the traditional "taquitos Los de Maxcanú"

Now a dessert..

continue advancing two more blocks in the same direction, passing the Guadalajara Pharmacy will be the "Sorbetería de Colon", the most traditional ice creams in Mérida, it is also worth visiting its branch when walking on Paseo Montejo in downtown

On this same journey..

two blocks later you will find the banking area, Bodega Aurrera, Elektra ...

If you fancy a greater variety of Yucatecan dishes...

in the same way there is a restaurant called Habaneros that can be reached on foot. For greater precision on the way, I recommend putting the name of the restaurant on google maps

If you want to order food to deliver to the house, or are in some other location and want to get there by Uber, you can click for Casa Bugambilia´s location

Now at the stoplight on the corner, but to the right side..

If you need to print an itinerary, there are two options in that corner If you need on the go groceries the OXXO one block away If you require a Six (alcohol mixes) If you require shipping services DHL and Paquete Express To relax with a massage and a Temazcal bath. Teir is a Medical Spa. It's a big corner =P

For dinner near the house, you would find local flavors

La Socorrito is a dinner in the garage of a yucatecan neighbor, 5 min away from the house by car, you would be able to try the most popular Panuchos, Vaporcitos or Turkey Soup, everything is highly recommended, you won't regret. I recommend to see the service schedule before go

Our Favorites... 5 min away from the house

To enjoy the best Yucatecan and Mexican gastronomy

More adventures with a full stomach, while I leave you this link that is spectacular, there are 365 activities that you can do in Mérida, for a whole year of fun #365merida´sexperiences and also we have #365mérida´sflavors

I share with you this beautiful places as an idea of how could you split your time to know the great nature that Yucatan has

For all the team of Casa Bugambilias Mérida would be a pleasure to have you, please contact us for any further tips, we want it to make your trip amazing

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