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Why has Mérida become an icon of destination weddings?

It will be its haciendas that go back to times past, its beautiful historic center full of color, or the fact that without a doubt, your guests will have one of the best experiences, whether it is the first time they visit the city, or if they already they have visited it.

There is a great variety of Haciendas

Undoubtedly, one of the most striking locations when choosing Mérida as the destination of your wedding is the haciendas, it is possible to find the ideal one for you; There are different prices, for different capacities, in a matter of distance some are further from the city than others. For diversity we do not stop, actually if your dream is to have a photo together with your husband and your ladies with a background of "golden hour" with a green garden and a contemporary vintage style, it is sure that a Yucatan hacienda is the option. . I will not give an example of haciendas so as not to bias you, but just by google wedding hacienda in Mérida, all the available options will appear and you will be able to give yourself a very good idea. Now, if your thing is to have a a little more private wedding on the beach, to enjoy the breeze and entertain with the waves of the sea, it is also possible. This is thanks to the Yucatecan coastline, which, although not one of the most publicized, is one of the most beautiful I have seen. With turquoise green waters, changing its waves as the hours go by and the wind begins to increase. If you arrive in the morning, it is very likely that you will find almost a lagoon, ideal to enjoy the sea as a family, since you can travel several meters inwards with just a few centimeters of water. There are beaches to choose from, there is Sisal, a semi-virgin beach with a lot of history, Telchac, San Bruno, San Benito, San Crisanto, Celestún; all of them guarantee unique sunsets.

After choosing your location

All your guests will be delighted with your location, especially those who will come to Mayan lands for the first time. That is why much of what Mérida offers as a wedding destination is the opportunity for everyone to enjoy with family and friends for several days after your special day. It can be a special week. This is possible as a unique tour can be arranged for each day of the week, and still days would be missing. But it will be enough to know the incredible cenotes that Homún hides "Pueblo de los cenotes" with more than 200 cenotes. The refreshing mangroves of Telchac and El Corchito in Progreso. Sisal beach and Puerto Progreso. The Uxmal ruins, one of the most impressive just fifty minutes from Mérida; the Centro with the Cathedral of San Idelfonso; Paseo Montejo; the Yucatecan cantinas, typical of pica; sorbets, marquesitas, panuchos, papadzules, and lime soup ... time to go to eat.

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