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The Mayan world ready for you to discover!

Yucatán is one of the states of Mexico where you can enjoy everything at the same time. From a day of rest in front of the sea, to the most surprising adventure discovering one of its more than 2,000 cenotes; and meanwhile, indulge yourself with Yucatecan cuisine.

Where should I start when visiting Yucatán?

The truth is that the answer to this question is very personal, since it depends on what you like the most and what calls you; For example, if you want to relax and take energy after your flight, I recommend you start in Puerto Progreso, just 25 minutes from the city, it offers us a recently remodeled boardwalk, with a variety of restaurants, both contemporary and traditional and local. One of the most traditional is a family canteen called Eladio's Bar, in this canteen you order your drink and they start bringing all kinds of delicious Yucatecan local dishes. Another option is to get to a beach club like Haguay! or La Antigua, both are at the end of the boardwalk and each offers a unique concept that will make you forget any pending office issue. Once you have your beer or your cocktail ready, then you go on to contemplate the beautiful Yucatecan coastline and a clear sky with seagulls that will make your Instagram photo be seen

¡Best Panuchos are in Yucatán!

Pausing the tour of the peninsula, let's just imagine having in front of you, three delicious panuchos with tortilla made at that moment and heated over low heat, with a little turkey and the tomato sauce that makes one start to salivate; hot to the point and on one side a lime soup with small pieces of fried tortilla in a spiral way. Definitely a dish that will make me stop for dinner. More adventures with a full stomach, while I leave you this link that is spectacular, there are 365 activities that you can do in Mérida, for a whole year of fun #365díasenmérida

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